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Recursos perfectos, turismo y singularidades territoriales: aportaciones al desarrollo de una línea de turismo científico en Golegã

Outdoor Education and Child Development Guide

Our outdoor playground  is a key place to learn. Discovering the world with curious eyes and analytical mind is the best way to grow and respect our world. Outdoor play is key findings agree that connecting with nature is key to creativity and curiosity. A recent Government poll found that 95% of children enjoyed learning outdoors rather than indoors. Outdoor Education and

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New book by Douglas Pearce “Tourist Destinations: Structure and Synthesis”.

Douglas G Pearce, Victoria University of Wellington, Nueva ZelandaNoviembre 2020 | 248pp Destination research today has become increasingly fragmented as studies become more specialized. This book provides a systematic examination and combines the spatial and organizational structure of destinations from the national to the local scale to produce a comprehensive understanding of destinations and a complete integrative framework of destinations.Destinations

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Digital Books

La Ruta de los Archipiélagos Patagónicos

Bourlon, F. & Soto, D. (2015)
Coyhaique, CIEP / BID, 124p.