On the Trail of the Mythological Chupacabra

Panchito el Lobo Marino

Francisco Muñoz


The year 2020 has been marked by the pandemic that originated the covid-19, which corresponds to a virus that has passed from wild animals to humans. As well as this pathogenic agent, there are many others that constantly endanger people’s health and it is time to stop believing in myths and form a scientific culture. For many years it was believed that the Chupacabra was a mythological being, perhaps an extraterrestrial that killed animals and took their blood, today we know that the animal that does this is the mink, a species that is not native to Chile and that causes a lot of damage in nature.

The pilot project consists of ecological and participative excursions. Using scientific methodologies we will look for mink traces in Valdivia, collect microbiological samples and observe under a microscope some of the work already done.