New book by Douglas Pearce “Tourist Destinations: Structure and Synthesis”.

Douglas G Pearce, Victoria University of Wellington, Nueva ZelandaNoviembre 2020 | 248pp Destination research today has become increasingly fragmented as studies become more specialized. This book provides a systematic examination and combines the spatial and organizational structure of destinations from the national to the local scale to produce a comprehensive understanding of destinations and a complete integrative framework of destinations.Destinations

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CURSO: Certificado de Gestión de Hospitalidad Post Crisis de la Universidad del Sur de la Florida

COURSE: University of South Florida Post Crisis Hospitality Management Certificate

About the Program While almost every industry has experienced a slump this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, few have struggled with the economic impacts related to COVID-19 like the hospitality and tourism industry. Countless hotel bookings, spa experiences, theme park trips, performing arts evenings, and dinners out have been canceled as a result of the pandemic – all taking

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Menos biodiversidad aumenta el riesgo de enfermedades infecciosas como el Covid 19

Less biodiversity increases the risk of infectious diseases such as Covid 19

Note by Fabien Bourlon, Geographer of the CIEP. Several studies have shown that COVID 19, like SARS in 2006, was transmitted to humans through a wild animal. Covid-19, or the new coronavirus, has never before been identified in humans. Professor Gozlan of the Institut de Recherche et Développement in Montpellier, France, states: “The lower the biological diversity of animals, the

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Una investigación participativa en Aysén : la Geografía de los imaginarios en Aysén

A participatory research in Aysén : an Imaginary Geography in Aysén

The area of the General Carrera Lake – Lake Buenos Aires has a great patrimonial heritage. Giving it value has been one of the key aims of the tourism stakeholders of the area called “Chelenko Territory”. However, the name “Chelenko” that is given to area in 2008 is a regional creation. Several studies question whether it is or not an

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Sabores de Viaje

Flavors of Travel

The road maps combine scientific knowledge with the exploration of new landscapes and allow the visitor to act as an assistant in the research activities.

By: Christina Queiroz

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Summary of the Second Scientific Tourism Meeting – April 16 to 30, 2019

The following is a report of the activities carried out within the framework of the Tourism Research and Development Network in the month of April 2019 in Chile. Activities co-organized by the Center for Research in Patagonian Ecosystems and the Universidad Austral de Chile and co-financed by the Universidad Austral de Chile, Universidad de Magallanes, Consulate of France in Chile, Ministère de Relations Internationales à la Francophonie de Québec, Canada.

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