Welcome to the International Network for Scientific Tourism Research and Development.

Scientific Tourism seeks to promote scientific research in the framework of tourist trips and learning.

The International Network for Research and Development in TC (ISTN) brings together institutions and actors in the fields of university education, scientific research and tourism management.

This website seeks to promote links, collaboration and support between researchers, trainers, entrepreneurs, public managers and local communities in order to analyze and promote this form of tourism.

Defining Scientific Tourism »

Scientific tourism is a concept in debate and in continuous evolution, several academic publications propose definitions and conceptual analysis.

Outstanding Initiatives »

In order to strengthen the development of scientific tourism, successful or developing initiatives are presented. This space is open to those who want to promote their scientific tourism initiative.

Tools for your Project »

Actors of the network have published scientific articles, technical notes or methodological proposals that they make available to the members of the network.

Latest News

"From the hunger of tourism to the end of the journey" a reflection by Franck Michel

In 2020, the streets were emptied by a virus; in 2019, the same streets were occupied and people were demonstrating.…

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Less biodiversity increases the risk of infectious diseases such as Covid 19

Note by Fabien Bourlon, Geographer of the CIEP. Several studies have shown that COVID 19, like SARS in 2006, was…

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A participatory research in Aysén : an Imaginary Geography in Aysén

The research streghthens the value of the rich cultural heritage of the tourism area known as Chelenko.      The…

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Flavors of Travel

The road maps combine scientific knowledge with the exploration of new landscapes and allow the visitor to act as an…

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Participation of general public or students in training in ongoing research processes.

Scientific-Sports Expeditions

Sports exploration activities with scientific themes.

Scientific Research

Pure science with transmission of knowledge and research by members associated with the project.

Cultural Trips with Scientific Content

Focused mainly on the transmission of knowledge.

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