Scientific Tourism, a tool to enhance research, education and scientific dissemination

The evolution of tourists’ motivations and behaviors has promoted the emergence of new approaches to tourism, diverging from the traditional sun and beach, and mass tourism. A market niche whose main motivation for travel is scientific knowledge and, above all, the interest in participating or collaborating in scientific studies of various disciplines, has shaped what is currently known as Scientific Tourism (ST) (Bourlon and Mao 2011; Kosiewicz 2014; West 2008, Bourlon et al. 2021).

Successful ST contains all the attributes of ecotourism in addition to human capital as a key factor and, in some cases, high-level technical equipment (Laing 2010). Opportunities for ST have emerged across diverse disciplines and in the different stages of the methodological process of research, creating tourism experiences that attract a variety of interests.

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